sreda, 12. avgust 2015

#13 week in pictures

{From time to time this is my go-to lunch: delicious
Pad Thai in Little More. And it's also my mum's favorite}.

{Heart leaf on my bonsai}.

In this week also my friend Alja came to visit me. And it was the best week ever!

{On my way to the airport to pick up Alja with a lot of motorcycle delivery
drivers in front of my car. And there were also few of  them on each side of
the car. This is nothing special, just classic Thursday night. So when the
green light turns on they are acting like the race is on. The most dangerous
drivers on the road, in my opinion. You never know from each side they'll come

{Beautiful floor on Kite beach}.

{Seashell sunset}.

{From where I stand @ Skydive Dubai}.

{Sun going down}.

{Sunset runway @ Skydive Dubai}.

{Not only in Manhattan, but also in Dubai tourists look up.
Rewarding! @ Jumeirah Lake Towers}.

{Spanish street artist Ruben Sanchez painted this really cool mural
@ V3 Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers}.

{"We all know how to maintain our physical health and how to practice dental hygiene, right? We've known it since we were 5
years old. But what do we know about maintaining our psychological health? Well, nothing. What do we teach our children about
emotional hygiene? Nothing. How is it that we spend more time taking care of our teeth than we do our minds. Why is it
that our physical health is so much more important to us than our psychological health?"

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